Your thoughts can hurt you

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Self-sabotaging thoughts lead to self-destructive behaviors, your brain attacks itself. You become your own worst enemy. Just imagine a situation – when you see your friend is doing something that could hurt him, what would you do? Stay aside and watch; come with help or tell your friend off with negativity and saying that he is stupid and can do nothing right? When you are a good friend, you would come and explain why what your friend is doing is not good for him. You wouldn’t insult him, because you understand that this would be painful, and why would you want your friend to suffer?

But when it comes to ourselves, it seems that this common logic is forgone. We do not come with help and advice, showing another way of thinking or doing things. We come straight away with insults, humiliation, and belittling. There’s no support, just blame, shame and pain. What’s worse, we are often not aware of this, because we think we are our thoughts. We can’t dissociate from them and believe everything that they bring in their luggage.