Your body deserves more

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Are you mindful of what you eat? Do you think that your eating habits are healthy and give you all the needed energy and ensure balanced functioning? Do you put yourself first or it’s all the other things that receive preferential treatment?

Take a moment to consider how do you eat, what you can improve in your eating so that you can be healthier and live longer? You can check the Nutrition courses on Z Game Changers to transform your nutrition from trashing into nourishing. 

Food is one of the ways in which you can give your body appreciation and reconnect with it. Be aware of how different foods influence you by tuning in to your internal dialog.

Body awareness improves as you listen to the signs the body gives you. Upset stomach, sleepiness or accelerated heart rate may all be reactions to what you ate, what gives your body internal stress. Notice how you feel after each meal and slowly start walking away from foods that work against you.

You have only one body, make sure it receives deserved attention to serve you well.