You are ready to advance

The first two courses – Awakening Senses and Body Awareness – are designed to allow you to notice how your thoughts may play with your behavior and feelings.

If you started with formal, sitting meditation straight away, you might have lost your motivation quite fast. Because without prior experience it may be tough to remain seated for the practice. Mindfulness meditation involves focusing on one thing at a time, which gives your brain a lot of freedom to scream all the thoughts and concerns, which may be a bit overpowering at the start.

Most of mindfulness meditation practices take a breath as this one thing to bring all of your attention to. Because breath happens automatically, you are more prone to let your mind wander and leave the breathing as is.

The first two courses, even though they required concentration on one thing, these things were much more consuming for the brain, because it needed your attention to perform the task. With this training, it should be easier for you to accept inflow of thoughts which you will be experiencing during breathing.  

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