Write it down

So now, take some time to evaluate how are you feeling. Just tune in to your feeling at the moment. Are you tired, energized, sad or excited? What emotions swipe through your body and where in the body do they manifest? If you can’t tell whether you feel anything – it is totally fine. We don’t need to fill every moment of our lives with an emotion, we can simply be.

Now reflect on what you learned for the past courses. Do you appreciate your body more? Do you pay attention now to what your body is saying to you? Which of the practices did you like the most? Can you tell why did you like them and what is the best part that caught you the most? Maybe you would want to explore this practice further, by enrolling into an offline course, going for a retreat or finding a personal yoga instructor? 

Now, take a moment to think and reflect on the changes that take place for you. As you remember, they are very subtle and incremental, but with the attention they become prominent. Is there any change for the past two weeks that made you enjoy your life a bit more, even for a second? What is this change? Do you think that you could bring more of this positive shift in your days?

Write down any thoughts that come to your mind and after you are done, search the internet for an inspirational mindfulness quote to write in big letters in your journal. Here is one from us: 

Enjoy yourself, appreciate yourself and take very good care of yourself. Apart from this, what else can you even think of?

– Guru Roshan
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