Write it down

Now, take a moment to reflect on the past week. What new have you discovered? What useful have you learned? How did your attitude change? And most importantly – do you notice the change in how you feel? Write down any thoughts that come to your mind, any realizations, new outlooks or things on which you gained clarity. 

Take a moment to write down the things you are grateful for. Write down at least 5 things you can think of that are now present in your life and which you are sincerely thankful for. Do not stop on 2 or 3, write down 5 minimum, if not more. Start harnessing appreciative attitude. Think back about breathing – every moment of your life, every breath you take is a reason for gratitude. The air gently enters your body, spreads to every cell, delivers oxygen, takes harmful substances it can and gets it out with the exhale. Every breath is a cleansing act of your organism.

Commit in writing to take your practice this week seriously, to do all the things you scheduled yesterday and to do it without rush, in peace, and with pleasure. Think of the benefits that you want to achieve with mindfulness and meditation and remind yourself why it is important to keep going. Review all the writing from the past weeks to get inspired as well as take a moment to congratulate yourself for getting that far.

Conclude your session with a note in your journal of one of the memories that bring a smile to your face. Recall the feeling that you had at this time and describe it the best possible – what made you smile? What made you feel good? How exactly did it make you feel good? Smile, life is beautiful, whatever is around us.

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