What happens to your body when you cut sugars is the same that happens to a drug addict going for a rehab. You get a massive withdrawal! You may experience fatigue, headaches, irritability, higher than usual cravings, anxiety, muscle pain as well as other symptoms. 

The cravings come first. It can happen within the first 4 days after completely giving up sugars. All the other symptoms will follow suit. However, after 2 weeks of total sugar freedom, you start feeling great and powerful. You understand that you’ve overcome this challenge! All it takes just 2 weeks of being in control.

But I want to make sugar reduction easier for you. That’s why in this program you won’t go through the massive withdrawals. You complete sugar elimination step-by-step, fully preparing your body for transition with the least possible stress effect. 

You will learn which types of food are high in sugars that you should eliminate. And you start your sweet fight today!

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