Why we “love” negativity

Because of the importance to avoid danger to preserve own life, the emotions caused by amygdala are overpowering any other emotions or a reason. Emotions are also connected to memory – the stronger the emotion, the more durable and vivid a memory is. Hence, once you experience a fearful event, it gets very carefully stored in the long-term memory, which serves as a basis for future evaluation and releasing the emotion of fear by the amygdala, to run away from the danger.

For this specific reason, people tend to focus more on negativity in their lives – this is by design more important to us to preserve life. But as we already spoke before, evolution did not get up to the speed to adapt the perception of fear to the little irritating events. They all trigger the same response by the amygdala – whether facing a predator or being stuck in a traffic jam. Painful memories and emotions causing negative feelings based on the memories formed during the first bad experiences are challenging to get over, but not impossible. It requires some effort and persistence.

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