Why seeing is better than looking

Mindfulness means being aware, being aware of what’s happening inside you and what’s out there. When you increase your awareness when you look somewhere, you start noticing more things, you start seeing more! Raising awareness will consume more of your mental power, this is because you need to concentrate and make a conscious effort to investigate all the details. We live our life trying to function optimally, that’s why a lot of visual information is discarded by the brain before it gets to you. 

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But it is not always good! When you don’t see many things, you don’t experience the beauty of life. You see the rainy sky, you get sad. Your brain learned to associate rain with apathy. But if you look closer, you will see how beautiful rainy clouds are! How fascinating is watching the formation of the lightning! And how meditative it could feel watching the raindrops crashing at the objects on their way and slowly dropping down, lured by gravitation. 

You look at the same scene, but you see a different picture. Instead of being bothered by rainy weather, you suddenly feel invigorated and happy, you want to go out and dance under the rain, experiencing the drops kissing your chicks and leaving a wet trail of the way they made pulled to the ground. This is because you paused for a moment and awaken your awareness instead of letting old patterns being fed to you. When you become more mindful, you learn how to enjoy dancing under the rain while others look out of the window with sad resignation in their eyes.

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