Why people don’t do this

So why more people don’t compost if that’s so beneficial? you may think. Composting does not happen overnight. It requires work, dedication, and time. The waste should be selectively collected, and the compost pile made in specific proportions layering two types of compost ingredients – brown and dry, which are rich in carbon, and green and moist, which are rich in nitrogen. It requires good temperature conditions and can take even a few months to get ready. In industrial farming, the emphasis is on cutting costs and increasing output, without much consideration for the quality of food or the effect on the environment.

You can learn to make your own compost at home if conditions allow, to reduce your organic waste, which would cause more harm to the environment when it’s stored in landfills. You can also search for groups in your location, which very openly accept food scraps to make their own compost. Just check Facebook groups and ask around. Community-managed gardens and collective composting would be a good solution to global warming, and many places already organize together to create this type of neighborhoods.

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