The pillars of Sustainability Program

There are six main pillars spanning through the entire Program. You can think of them as the context in which the new knowledge can be applied. Expect to see Environmental topics with regards to: 

Gen Z Connect | Z Game Changers


We’ll speak about community building, relations between people, how people are affected by and how we affect the environment  

Climate justice explained with examples


Different aspects of the planet and how they get affected by climate change. Also, what we can do to combat it.   

Mini-Courses | Z Game Changers

History & Lessons 

Some events in recent and not so recent history, which influenced the world. Practical lessons that can be applied are also listed here.

Climate Science 

More detailed explanation of some of the processes in nature, as well as solutions we can engineer

mindfulness exercises

Environmental Psychology 

The use of psychology in the environment and how the environment is used in psychology  

Over to you 

Simple daily actions, you can implement straight away to change your lifestyle and the future of our planet.


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