Where to get your books

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Back to the topic of books. With technological progress, many more possibilities have emerged on how we can learn. The same content now is available in so many formats, that there can be no excuse of not reading. Here are some of the options for you to choose, based on your preferred learning mode:

Physical books


You can get a new book from your local bookstore or order online. Amazon and Bookdepository are the biggest collections of books available for quick and easy purchase. Libraries could also serve well if you don’t want to buy a book.  

Get an ebook

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If you prefer to consume information in the digital form, also which can be accessed on the go, there are a lot of apps that can facilitate it. Our favorites are Google Books (free app, you can upload your ebooks to the library or buy some from google) and Kindle (even if you don’t have a device, you can download the free Kindle app on your phone, tablet or read online). Get ebooks on Amazon to read on your Kindle app on the go


There are multiple books available in audio format. Audible is the app by Amazon, which you could use to have your books narrated to you. The app is paid, however, you can try one month for free to see whether this is something that you like.


Blinklist is another paid app that you can use to get educated. Similarly to audibles, you can try this app for free for some time. It delivered information from non-fiction books in a compressed format, so that you get the most essential points without the need to read the whole book.