What’s to come next

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The final two courses in the program shift your attention back to the outside world, which now you should start perceiving differently. Building Holistic Lifestyle focuses on more general lifestyle applications, habits, and routines. It gives you some new perspectives about the possibilities to live your life day-by-day. The final course Achieving peace through Compassion revolves around the topics of compassion, social relations, and the world around you at large.

In the next topic of this lesson you’ll see some suggestions on how to go on continuing with your mindfulness practice. I strongly encourage you not to wait before starting your next course, don’t make the break too long. If you decide, however, that you need some break before the next course, make sure not to get off track and do at least few times a week practices described in the next topic. You can (and should) also use them supplementary with the next course, once you start it.

As usual, I prepared a practice summary for you to download and keep handy so that you remember new techniques you learned in this course. You can access it in Topic Materials section above.