What’s to come next

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In the next course we move on to discover emotions in depth. This could be the hardest part, for one because they are hidden very deeply, and another, because many of them are perceived negatively because of the past experience. As for the practices in the next course – you will have a few meditations, yoga nidra, next level of Pranayama and a new technique, directly related to emotions – Emotional Freedom Technique (also called tapping). 

Every day, try to block the calendar for the following:

  • Schedule Pranayama before meditation every day and practice Nadi Shodhana level 2. Try to extend your breath by the count of 1 when it feels comfortable.  
  • Schedule gentle movement at least 2 times before Pranayama and meditation next week, and once before Yoga Nidra 
  • Schedule body scan at least once next week before Pranayama. You can also do it after yoga and before Pranayama or on its own at a convenient time
  • Choose a day when you will go out a get grounded
  • Choose a day when you will practice the awakening of your senses
  • At least one day, perform a body care ritual (ideally have it as your daily routine)