What’s to come next

Some of the meditations you learned in this course repeated a few times, but do not worry, these are not the only ones that you will experience later! There are many more to come, including exciting Yoga Nidra session in the next course! The following course revolves around the topic of stress, but you will continue exploring the meditations in full. Hence, your preparation for the next course should be very similar to the one you used to prep for this one. 

Next course contains 2 exciting practices for you. One is Yoga Nidra. You should prepare a bit more time for this practice and make sure you do some mindful movement before it since you will be spending some time lying still.

Second, you will experience a gentle Rose Meditation exercise. This, I advise you to do in the morning. Schedule at least 5 to 10 minutes this day and make sure you have a fresh flower at home. If you have difficulties getting a rose or another fresh flower, get any plant, but make sure it is alive and not artificial. For the best effect, however, choose rose or another flower with petals forming a complex structure.

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