What’s the solution then

So how should you approach the issue of recycling?

First of all, by reducing your consumption. This will not create additional demand to produce new (or recycled) plastic.

Second, select products which have less or no packaging and only buy what you truly need, do not get driven by hoarding behavior.

Third, learn more about the plastic you use – choose the one that you know is easier to recycle or deposit (bio-compostable) and segregate it better.

Finally, help to raise awareness of the behind the scenes of plastic pollution and the truth about recycling. 

Leading a more minimalistic lifestyle promotes mental wellness, improves live satisfaction, and intensifies the feeling of gratitude. Find joy in the act of living instead of delivering emotional teasers that come from buying and hoarding things unnecessarily. Minimalism gains in popularity and people report feeling much happier when they live with less. Try to shift your lifestyle towards this approach as far as it’s comfortable, to discover how much better it feels.

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