What’s good about it?

In the Personal Finance courses, we took the best strategies from corporate finance as well as accounting principles and translated them into a compact personal finance management system. Once you start treating your life as company operations, you will improve your financial standing, gain more clarity with regards to your goals and design a structured approach to help you get where you want (financially). 


Why is it good?

Companies set their goals, which among others are profitability to reward their shareholders. The only shareholder in Me Inc. is you, so your goals will help you to reward yourself financially.

Companies optimize their structure to improve their liquidity and spending ability. You can learn how to optimize your finance based on what is really important to you.

Companies prioritize their expenses and diversify their income through a range of services or products. You can learn how to earn more and spend wisely so that the most important expenses are covered first.

The most important, you will understand how money work, increase your Financial IQ and get all the tools you need to design yourself in your Personal Finance area. The ultimate goal  for the courses at Z Game Changers is to aid your happiness and equip you with problem-solving skills to resolve any obstacle life throwing at you. Personal Finance courses focus on financial obstacles, and you will learn how to adopt the best Corporate Finance principles to deal with real-life problems so that you make Me Inc. a profitable and successful venture.

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