What should you unlearn

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The changing world requires us to have different skills and different habits. Unlearning means breaking old habits and patterns and replacing them with the new ones, more healthy and beneficial in the relearning process.

Some of the immediate habits you should add to your unlearn list:

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Believing that intelligence is fixed and can’t be changed.

Ditch fixed mindset and adopt a growth mindset. This and next courses help you with this, but you have to help us to help you. We give you tools, but you decide whether and how to operate them. Believe in yourself and unlock your hidden powers!

Everyone can do more than they do at the moment. Always.

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Believing in everything you read, hear or see.

Adopt a questioning mindset, and don’t be afraid to look stupid. Stupid people make assumptions, smart people ask questions.

Not only will it make you understand something better, but it will also show your eloquence to your interlocutors. Besides questions, use your logic.

  • Does the concept make sense?
  • Does what you hear sounds comprehensive?

However, beware of fixing into defending your current views. One thing is to question new information, another to fixate on proving yourself right.

Accept the possibility of an alternative solution or facts, as long as it makes logical sense.

Personal finance

Being afraid of failure.

Failure is what allows you to grow and develop. What helps you to broaden your horizons and explore new options. Without failure, you won’t find better solutions. Without failure, you will need to repeat the process more for it to get hardwired in your memory.

Without failure, you will never taste success – as there will be no comparison of how good it feels.

Personal finance

Succumbing to social pressure and expectations without questioning.

Especially in the area of your lifestyle. Gone are times when saying “I sleep less than 6 hours a day” were defining a successful person. Hustle culture is over, and smart hustle is coming – planning well, being productive within dedicated hours through intense focus, and have a balanced life with all lifestyle areas taken care of. Sleep is more important than no-sleep and nowadays much more respect will be directed towards a person who can say “I value my rest and don’t reply on late night and weekend phone calls and emails” than the always available.

As I mentioned, unlearning means breaking old habits and relearning means building new habits. This is all part of neuroplasticity because with habits you change your brain wiring. In fact, your brain wiring is what makes a habit! We explore habits topic and hacks to help you throughout the all the courses in Brain Hacking program.