What is Geothermal Energy

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Geothermal energy is the energy of the Earth, the deep heat that is coming from the core and is passed on to the next layers. The closest layer that sometimes gets out is magma, hot melted rock, which heats underground water (if it’s close to the magma) and forces it sometimes out – such as geysers or hot springs. Volcanic eruptions are also caused by heated magma. 

Geothermal energy makes use of the available underground water, which turns into steam when heated and powers the engines supplying electricity. We can also engineer hydro plant using geothermal energy by digging a hole deep enough to reach hotter layer and force high-pressure water from the ground, which will make its way back up in the form of steam or hot water. Steam can be used to power the engines for electricity, whereas hot water can be used directly to heat the houses.