What is boredom

Boredom can be viewed as a gap, a space between doing and non-doing. Doing is how we live our life. Always on the go, always preoccupied, reciting the lists of things to do and to remember. Doing nothing has a low level of tolerance from the society we live in. It is viewed as unproductive, detrimental and unwise. However, non-doing is seen as not performing productive work, for example watching TV instead of going to a gym. Is it really non-doing? It is still doing, just doing things which are not productive.

Meditation is not non-doing, it is a concentrated practice, but it is viewed as time waste because the benefits of it are less tangible. It is, however, stillness, which is very close to non-doing. And between these two where the gap appears, the gap that makes you want to fill it up with distractions. But in this gap, you also find a moment of peace, a moment when you do not rush, when you can stay with yourself when you pause and give yourself time to regain the breath after running all day.

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