Watch you watch

Meditation is like watching yourself as you watch yourself. You learn about who you are as you meditate more than during any assessment test possible. You also open a dialog with yourself, friendly, non-judgemental interest in what is happening there inside. You start seeing thoughts as thoughts, you understand that you HAVE thoughts, but you also start noticing that you are NOT your thoughts.

Meditation is an inner experience, you turn all of your attention inside and switch the external world’s distractions. There are two components to meditation, which are concentration – on one single aspect (such as the breath) and second is mindfulness – an accepting, curious and non-judgemental attitude.

Meditation is not a thoughtless state, it is a state when you can hear, see or feel your thoughts. You get hold of your inner experiences, developing an understanding of your emotions, feelings, thoughts, and beliefs. You feel your body, you reconnect with your breath, and you become aware of your inner world.

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