Walking meditation

As you walk, tune in to the senses in your feet. Observe how each your foot first lifts from the surface before you move it. Follow the physiology of the move carefully – first, as your knee bends, your heel lifts, leaving only sole and toes still on the ground. Then the sole also lifts, and your knee bends some more, as you observe the forward movement of the bones in your hip area, which helps you to bring the raised foot from behind your body to the front. Notice how you shift your weight from the leg which is now behind your body, to the one that you just brought to the front. Observe how this shift of balance happens at the same time as you bend your next knee. Take a few steps following with your attention this full complexity of the move. 

Now, shift your focus to your hands. Notice how they help you in maintaining balance as you walk. The movements of the hands back and forth. Observe how your hands move harmoniously in opposite directions.  Observe that as the left hand moves forward, the right foot comes to the front, and as the left foot moves forward, the right hand follows the same direction. Bring your attention again to the balance in the body and the center of gravity that keeps moving in harmony to help you stay straight as you walk. For a few steps remain with your balance and let your attention follow it, whenever it shifts.

Become aware of your breathing, breathe naturally and just observe what the rate of your breath is. Is it synchronized with your steps? Is it slow or accelerated? Notice how everything forms a holistic synergy of the movement. Sink in this awareness of the interplay of your moving hands, legs, gravity center, and breath. 

Slowly start incorporating into your attention what is happening around you. Notice the sounds you can hear. Observe them as impartial as possible. Now, notice if there are any smells? Breathe in the air and imagine how the smells travel down your throat and spread in the body.

What can see around? What are the things on your right? On your left? Just in front of you? What is the most distant thing that you can see? Now, if you can, stop and look up. Take a moment to appreciate the vastness of space above you, the sky, the clouds, the colors that you can distinguish.

Continue walking focusing primarily on your breathing. You can think “inhale” as you breathe in, and “exhale” as you breathe out to help you stay with your breath. Continue walking with mindful awareness of the surrounding and how your body makes it possible for you to move in this space, every second uncovering new views. 

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