Vision (team work)


Download the document from the topic materials section and upload it to GoogleDrive to work on it together with your team. It would be best done if you can collaborate on this in real time. Brainstorm some initial ideas before selected for this week leader will form the final version of your vision. You can use “comment” option to polish it further.

What is Vision?

Vision is your organization’s purpose. The WHY behind the creation and your ideal future state. Start brainstorming about the vision by identifying the current issue/problem you are trying to solve. Think of this issue as the current state, and of your vision – the desired state you will achieve.

For example, if the cause you have selected is related to endangered species, your ideal state (the vision) could be “To create a world where all species have enough protection in their natural habitat to ensure their long-term survival”.

You are not yet getting into the how. Your vision is the reason you have started this enterprise. If you want to ensure long-term species survival, that’s your organization’s WHY. You can polish it and make more impactful.


  • Make sure that your vision is bold! This is the world you want to see and the state which you’re aspiring to achieve through your Social Business. 
  • Besides being bold, your vision should actually be achievable. Think of the impact which is feasible. Dream big, but don’t get into a fairy-tale mode!
  • Timeline – Your vision should have a long-term outlook, something that takes time to achieve and is really big in terms of impact. What state of the world with regards to your mission could you create in 10 years? 
  • Specific – the more specific the issue statement you’re addressing, the better. Think back to the beginning of this course – by doing everything you’re not doing anything. Focus is what will help you to progress the fastest. 
  • Stay real – your company’s mission should always reflect each of the founding member’s personal purpose. Avoid overpromising or using statements just because they are trending. Always write your vision statement with the heart holding the pen.

Here’s a great resource to help you write a compelling Vision.

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