As you remember, viruses can’t be treated with antibiotics. Most of them are not treated at all, the only way to overcome the virus is to let the immune system fight it. With the exception of a few anti-viral drugs, treatment people receive for the virus-caused diseases only ease symptoms, but do not affect the virus directly. 

There’s, however, a way to prepare for the disease outbreak by vaccinating against the pathogen. Vaccination is more a preventative rather than a curative procedure, and it doesn’t give 100% protection from a virus.

coronavirus vaccination

Vaccination is actually an exposure to a small amount of pathogen molecules to trigger the immune response. You can think of it as a way to train your immunity for the future fight with the virus. Vaccine triggers creation of antibodies by the immune system, which retain the memory of the pathogen for many years (unless the pathogen mutates). If the vaccinated person is exposed to the virus later, the immune has a stronger response due to this past training. 

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