Using it to your own advantage

As you progress with the practice, you start using boredom to your advantage. If you already know how to apply the main framework of meditation, you become bored with your thoughts, because as you silence yourself, you notice similar patterns arising again and again. And that’s when creativity arises – you start adjusting your practice, experiment, trying new things to discover what works better for you. Eventually, you stop doing the practice as you learned it and start being guided by your body and mind, which show you the way to make them feel better.

To start, you need some guidance, a formal practice, a framework that shows you underlying principles. Once you understand the basics of how the framework works, you don’t need this support anymore, you can do the things on your own. Things become more transparent as your understanding improves, that’s why on top of the guided meditation, you should discover the principles of the change taking place. 

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