Yoga can teach you about yourself

Mindful movements help you to identify your current boundaries. It is a fine line that you experience with yoga – knowing your body limits but also working on them by slightly moving the limits every time a bit further. Then you see the progress, and you become incredibly delighted!

Mindfully observing yourself as you go from one pose to another, you learn how do you usually react when you meet with constraints. This is a part of self-discovery and it can tell you a lot about the way you are. Even though the limitations you face during yoga are physical ones, by using your mind you see a mindful aspect of it.

The way you behave with yoga shows the way you act in other situations in life, but with the difference that you can observe this in a controlled environment.

When people try yoga, there are usually two extremes of attitudes towards limitation, before mindfulness settles in. Some people are not aware of how far they can go and never reach their limits even close. Others, on the other hand, push too much, going through extreme pain, trying to prove something either to themselves or to people around.

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