Two types of intelligence

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Spearman’s student Raymond Cattel made his contribution towards the interpretation of General Intelligence. Cattel concluded that general intelligence consists of two factors: fluid and crystalized.

Fluid intelligence 

Fluid intelligence is defined as the capacity to solve new problems. This could be thought of as learning agility, how fast one catches new concepts and internalizes information. Fluid intelligence is believed to decline with age. For example, kids learn much quicker than adults, implying that their fluid intelligence is faster.

What is not taken into account here is that children spend most of their time learning, while adults usually do so sporadically if at all.

Crystalized intelligence 

Crystalized intelligence according to Cattel is formed over a more extended period. Contrary to fluid intelligence, crystalized increases with age. This happens because of your accumulation of knowledge with age. The longer you live – the more you know. New knowledge gets crystalized. Think of it as a life experience.