Time to reflect

Take a moment to think – which communities are you active in? Which communities you have access to? What are the activities that you could propose and whom could you ask for help and support in implementation?

Do not be afraid or ashamed asking for help – people usually are more than happy to give a hand as long as you create an opportunity for them to do so. Be that person. Offer to organize an eco-friendly activity or an event and say aloud, what type of help would you need. You may even ask specific individuals to engage in a different part of organizing. Maybe someone has marketing skills, and someone else – negotiation. Perhaps someone knows more about the topic they’d like to share with a broader public? And maybe someone has access to a group of listeners.

You can do anything as long as you believe that you can. And you know what, once you start, the satisfaction you’ll be getting becomes addictive.

So, go ahead, take some time, and plan your actions to improve your community engagement. Remember about educative and non-violent approach, with all the due respect even to those who disagree with you.

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