Course navigation & important information

How to access full syllabus and navigate between the lessons

You can access the full syllabus and quickly navigate between the lessons on the menu on the left (on desktop).

If you can’t see the menu, it means it is toggled. In this case, simply click on the two-pointed arrow (maximise) on the top right.

Course lessons and course topics

Once you see the full course content on the left, you see that some lessons have arrows next to them.

These are the topics and you can expand them by clicking on the arrow.

Access dedicated program groups (membership subscription only)

If you purchased Membership, you can additionally access Private Membership Group with discussion forum. Make sure you visit it frequently and participate in conversations! To access your group, simply navigate to your profile –> Groups.

Course expiry date (only when you buy a single course)

If you purchased the course using “Buy” button, your access will expire 3 months after the purchase. You can see the expiration information on the top right in the course navigation section.

Studying late? Try our Night Mode

One more useful thing for you to know about is “dark mode”. This is another button between your profile picture and “maximise” arrow. This mode is better for your eyes if you like reading late at night.

If you have any technical difficulties, payment-related or subscription questions, write to

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