The threat we are facing

Global sea level rise is not increasing linearly – it is accelerating. Due to many feedback effects which become self-propelling after they are triggered (and this has already happened). Until 1990, the sea level rise was happening at the rate of 2.5 mm per year, whereas for the next 25 years it accelerated to 3.4 mm per year. Since 1990 sea levels rose by estimated 19-22 cm, with 9.1 cm of this increase attributed to the period between 1993 and 2019. 

Rising sea levels put in danger coastal cities, which will see increasing floods, soil erosion, and hurricanes intensifying and reaching further. Water moving further inland poses a threat to agriculture, contaminating the soils with salty water, as well as some cities going under water in long-term.

What are the measures that could be taken to ensure safety?

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