The subtle line

When we prevent carbon (C) from escaping from plants into the atmosphere by forming CO2 with the access to the oxygen (O) in the air, we capture some of the current cycle carbon, and it does not get released back. We reduce the carbon present in the air. And once we store it deep underground, we “arrest” it for even a thousand or many thousands of years.

Could biochar then save us? Probably, but there are some precautions that we need to keep in mind. We can’t get into the craze of producing biochar by any price – there is a lot of carbon we need to remove, hence we’d require a lot of biochar. If we start growing crops and trees or keep more chickens for their manure which is an excellent source of biochar, we either risk converting parts of land used naturally by ecosystems (forests), or shrink the area used for the current food supply.

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