The Setup Statement

When doing tapping, you should focus on the specific situation that brings you negative emotions and may cause anxiety, panic, or fear. Identify what particular emotional state the situation puts you in. You proceed by accepting that you have a challenge with the emotional situation and compose your Setup Statement with an antidote to your feeling. 


Let’s try to do it now. Think of a situation that evokes particularly problematic feelings. It can be something that is happening at the moment and causes you increased stress or chases your sleep away at night.

Make a statement out of it. Be as specific as possible – remember that your subconsciousness does not understand figures of speech, so your statement should follow simple and short structure, similar the structure of your Sankalpa (but with a different subject). 

For example, you may have an approaching deadline for a presentation, or an important exam which gives you cold shivers and makes you feel anxious. Your statement could be “presenting to a group of people makes me feel anxious”. Identify both the situation and emotion attached to it as closely as you can. You can use the emotional wheel to help you choose the emotion accurately.

Next step (during the practice later on) would be to rate the intensity of the emotion that this statement, thought or believe evokes in you. Rate it on a scale from 1 to 10, where 1 is the lowest intensity, and 10 is the strongest one. As you proceed to tapping, you should rate the intensity before you start, and after completing at least five rounds of tapping. Rate the intensity then once again – whether it is lowered now to a satisfactory level. You should continue the tapping until you reach the intensity with which you feel comfortable.

Now, you can construct your setup statement, using the statement which you described earlier as an input message. A typical format for a setup statement is as follows:

“Even though I (describe the issue), I deeply and completely accept myself.”

In the earlier example, your statement would be “Even though presenting in front of people makes me feel anxious, I deeply and completely accept myself“.

Now, let’s see the strategic tapping points and the sequence, before starting your practice. 

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