The real activism

The word activism comes from the root active, and that’s what should be kept in mind, no less but no more either. You can be active without being violent. You can be active without eliciting guilt or spreading terror. You can impact the world by setting an example without dangerous actions.

If we want our society to behave like educated humans, we need to change how we think. Violence can only produce short-term results (avoiding immediate threat), but with any next opportunity, the behavior will revert back if the mindset is still the same.

Just think for a moment. Imagine an argument you are having with someone who is trying to persuade you that the view opposite to yours is correct in a particular situation. Are you likely to listen to someone who is shouting their opinions? Or who brings up some facts and shows possible outcomes with explanation, supported by examples from personal experience calmly and rationally? The latter one has more chances, right? And the same is true for people who need to be persuaded to be more eco-oriented.

People are social animals, and we like to follow others. Be the change that people want to see in this world, leading by example, and others will join you in support.

When you start leading a more eco-friendly life, adopting a friendly and educative attitude, you win much more supporters than shouting in a group, however big it may be. There are other ways to stay active, which we look into in the next lesson.

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