The Rational

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This personality type is very objective about money issues. They know when it’s really time to worry and when money should not really bring much of tension. They plan their financial future and stay up-to-date with any relevant financial information.

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The Rational enjoys learning about the market and economics and skilfully implements the knowledge to make their money work for them. Not all of their decisions are always good ones, but allow themselves to commit errors and learn from them. 

If you are The Rational type – congratulations! Keep going and expanding your knowledge.

In reality, rarely do people have only one of the money personalities. Often it’s a mix of all four with one dominant trait or even all equally mixed and the specific attitude chosen based on the state of mind and circumstances. 

Which traits do you find in yourself? Are there any areas you should work on? Jot your thoughts down in your journal and think of the action plan to work on the emotional aspects that make your money choices less beneficial for you.