The omnipresent stress

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When the brain reacts to small and big stressors, the amounts of cortisol reach dangerously high levels, which can cause many unpleasant conditions. Such could be fatigue, chronic stress, anxiety attacks or depression. And small stressors are now everywhere – someone cuts you in on the road, your visa to holiday destination gets rejected, your favorite pen breaks or your dog damages a new sofa… when you think about life overall, these events are not important to let them impact you in a way to bring depression, but they can. 

The small events can put you in the state of depression when they are all perceived as stressors. Remember, the brain does not distinguish whether the stressor is big or small. They are all reasons for cortisol to increase. But the good news is when you create awareness, you help your brain to distinguish a small stressor from a big one, and with this, your cortisol levels get managed better.