The Gratitude Jar

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So, let’s get down to the exercise itself. Find an old jar, a box, a glass, or a cup that you can store your gratitude messages in. Take three small pieces of paper and write down on each one thing that you are grateful for today.

It may be difficult in the beginning to come up with three things, because you may need time to get rid of taking for granted habit. But soon you will notice that you need to stop yourself because so many things will be coming to your mind that you are grateful for!

When you struggle with three things you are grateful for that day, maybe because you had an unpleasant situation that affected you a lot, do not skip. Push yourself to find these three things – think of food, family, friends, clothes, a home that you have. Think of random pleasant interactions with people.

When nothing works, think bigger – what are you grateful for overall in your life? How about to be alive, to be healthy, to be able to breathe? There are always at least three things, never give up on writing them down every single day.