The dangers of going vegan

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But is resigning from meat necessary to save the planet? It is a difficult topic in which we need to balance ethics with personal health. Meat is a controversial topic nowadays, causing a lot of confusion and even hatred directed towards meat eaters.

On the other hand, many people who follow vegan diets suffer. Vitamin deficiency and the inability of the tissues to restore properly, leads to poor health. Perhaps, for meat eaters, a better strategy would be to reduce their meat consumption, carefully select meat sources, ensure that meat is coming from a place where animals are treated ethically (organic and free-range) as well as choose local producers to reduce emissions from transportation.

Protein and vitamin B-12 are the most critical nutrients that meat consumption delivers. Hence, when reducing meat consumption, one should ensure that these essential elements are still available in amounts satisfactory for the body to maintain good health. Shifting protein source toward seafood could be a sound solution to start with.