Team collaboration

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During the team call, select a leader who will be leading the discussion and who will also be responsible for submitting your final map to the instructor. 

Customer Persona

Start with filling in the middle circle. Usually you would do a different map for each of the persona, because even within your target audience there are still things that people do differently. The more exact is the reflection of each of the personas – the better your future offer will serve their needs. 

You can start with one Customer Persona and create up to 5-7 empathy maps in a later stage.

Agree with your team – who is the persona in question:

  • Give the persona a name
  • Find a picture on the internet that would help you to empathize with the persona better 
  • How old is the persona?
  • What is their location (if any specific?)
  • What is their occupation?

Put all of this information in the middle circle.

Says, Thinks, Feels, Does

Based on the previous inputs from your team members, collectively discuss how could you cluster the keywords/ observations in each of the clusters? Gather similar statements in each of the quadrants together under an “umbrella” term. Try to deduct higher-level details, underlying terms and ideas. For example, “bullying”, “too much homework”, “pressure to get good grades” could also be united under “school stress” term.

Once you discuss with your team, the leader would be responsible for finalizing your findings and submitting the map to the instructor in the next step of this lesson. 

Tip: duplicate the map and create the clusters in this new copy to preserve the initial workings. You may want to get back to the original insights.