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During analysis you were focusing more on breaking down the main problem into its components. Now, it’s time to address each of them with a specific potential solution.

Brainstorm with your team how each of the components you defined in the previous step could be addressed so that the problem is solved or the situation is improved. Write down the ideas of the potential solutions. 

Feasibility check

For each of the ideas, briefly discuss how feasible would it be to implement each. Here focus goes towards elimination of the solutions which won’t work. For example, in the short-term it may not be feasible for you to change the cultural attitudes towards sanitation, unless you will come up with an effective transformation model. 

Affinity Diagrams

Helpful here may be brainstorming as many options as possible and clustering ideas and observations to later find how they connect to each other could be a useful way to look at the problem. Read the article in the topic materials section to create an effective Affinity Map. 


Look at all the remaining solutions and think how you could combine it into one coherent single statement which would address the core of the problem effectively. Write down this single statement in your newly created file which you share with your team.