Stress response

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A stress response is a mindful recognition of what is happening – noticing first signs of stress arising and specifically understanding what emotions are present and why they are triggered. We work more with the emotions in the next module, so keep in mind what you learn here about their influence on your stress levels. With the sober realization of the ways particular events affect you, you start adopting healthier coping strategies as well as work with your emotions, understanding them better, and changing how you react.  

The brain kicks in the GAS mechanism when it perceives a situation as dangerous. But when with mindfulness and through neuroplasticity, you change the perception of the stressor, your mind does not react to the same situation in the same way, and you become calmer and stress much less. You become empowered with the choice which you proactively make instead of succumbing to the reactive way of dealing with stressful events.