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For the purpose of this part of the design thinking, we focus on the most immediate stakeholders. We will come back to the stakeholders mapping in one of the last modules of this program and will expand on the stakeholder analysis.

Who are the stakeholders? These are all the people who have (or will have) anything to do with your project. The most immediate stakeholders at the moments are your team members (also called internal stakeholders).

In Social Enterprise, the stakeholders you want to consider are your customers and beneficiaries (who may be the same group of people, or two different groups, depending on your business model). 

Think of all the groups of the stakeholders which you will put on the canvas:

Who will be building/implementing/testing the prototype? 

Who are your customers? Whom are you building your product/service for?

If your beneficiaries are different than your customers – who they are?

Are there any institutions/bodies with immediate involvement in your project (with regards to prototyping – e.g. if you want to test your prototype in schools and need their involvement or approval to do so)

Going forward, remember to keep all of the immediate stakeholders’ interest in mind when designing your solution.