Stage 1 – Unconscious incompetence (Ignorance)

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“ I don’t know what I don’t know”

In this stage, not only you don’t have a skill which you need for your growth and development, you are not aware that you don’t have the skill. 

For example, you are given a riddle that involves logical thinking and pattern recognition skills. You think that you will resolve it fast because you consider yourself to be an intelligent person. But once you are stuck in the task, you may understand that you lack some skills to resolve the riddle, which are logical thinking and pattern recognition.

It may also manifest in work, school or project environment when you are sure that the work you are doing is excellent, but your superior/teacher/mentor suggest you learning opportunities. They may see that developing some extra skills could be indispensable to improve the quality of your work.

To get out of this, you should realize the areas you are not competent in. And this moves you to the next stage.