Sound perception

When you realize that sounds are basically produced inside your head, you start seeing them differently. You start understanding that sounds are not good or bad, they are just vibrations, it is how you perceive them that makes them more pleasant or not.

Bearing this in mind, the sounds which would typically cause you irritation suddenly lose their power and instead you start observing them curiously, how they are formed.  

Seeing sounds differently is the first step of developing mindfulness which is related to hearing. Mindful listening is the next step, which we return to in a later Mindfulness courses.

Already now you can start harnessing an understanding that what you hear is your perception, an interpretation of what has been said. Gently bringing more attention to this fact will help you develop a more open attitude towards what others say and bring more compassion into your communication. It could also spare you unnecessary arguments because of a different interpretation of the intended message.

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