Sound Awareness

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You may want to read through the exercise first, before you listen to it. This is so that you know what to expect. The guided recording follows the script described below.

Bring your attention to the most prominent sound you can hear now. Observe the sound with curiosity without attaching a label to it. Just let the sound reach your ears and get into your head. Take a moment to express gratitude for being able to hear, to appreciate this gift that hearing brings to your life, enriching your experience. 

Notice any modulations in the sound. Can you notice that this sound rises and falls? Gets closer and fades away. If you are distracted by your thoughts, just let them be without judging their presence and trying to silence your mind. Whenever you get consumed by your thoughts, gently redirect your attention back to the sound, allowing thoughts to be on their own.

Now, gently expand your awareness to more distant sounds around you. How many different sounds can you spot? How does each of the sounds on its own is unique? Spend some time to give attention to each of the sounds separately. What are the details you can spot each sound brings? What notes can you distinguish? Is it high or low pitch? 

Now, notice how all of the sounds around interplay when they reach your ear. The most distant sounds and the closest sound. How wonderful is this connection and merging into one of a few sounds around you? Now, try to spot, can you hear any silence in this interplay? Is there anywhere around lack of vibrations that cause the sounds to appear? Can you notice how silence and vibrations take turns while reaching your ears? 

Take a moment to come back to your body. Wiggle your toes and fingers and slowly rotate your head to the right and to the left to get a feel of your body. When you are ready, slowly open your eyes.