The primary way of restoration is sleep. But even this joyful activity doesn’t last long enough for people to recover properly. Here again comes the culture of busyness and cult of sleepless workaholics with 24/7 availability and readiness to act. Being busy is worshipped for some reason, many see it as a thing to be proud of! Some feel that they are more important because they are busy.  

What many people who engage in sleep-deprivation do not understand, is that cutting down on rest has the opposite effect on their productivity. They have more waking hours, but less productive hours. On top of this, they let the damaging effects of high cortisol consolidate and deplete their immune system, health, and mental wellness.

You need to pause and relax. This should be one of the top priorities for you to ensure health and longevity. Sleep helps to cope with stress, having less of it reduces your coping abilities. This creates a feedback loop, because not restoring well and keeping high cortisol also influences sleep quality, making it difficult to fall asleep and achieve deep sleep (NREM) during which the most restoration takes place. 

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