Be your own therapist

Whereas horticultural therapy usually involves a certified therapist and often is done in communal settings, you can still benefit from having a plant by just caring about it. One study found that taking care of a plant increases the sense of meaning, responsibility and adds more joy to life. Worries seem to be less distant as you realize that there’s something bigger than you in this world. 

Whether you have a balcony, a terrace, or a piece of land, you can engage in a simple gardening activity to improve your mental wellness. Especially beneficial, though requiring a bit more of an effort, is growing food. With hydroponics, you can do this in almost any atmospheric conditions! You will benefit from fresh and healthy nutrients, as well as reconnect with the food and start seeing it differently.

You can even give a name to and talk to your plant. As crazy as it may sound, some people find that talking a plant helps them grow faster. Whereas this evidence is disputable, what is surely known is that conversations with a green interlocutor positively enhance mental wellness, reduces anxiety, helps to restore by slowing down and being in the present as well as stimulates the feeling of gratitude.

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