Redirecting attention

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To withdraw senses, or to turn them off, can’t happen when you have no control over them. It is a higher level of practice, and without the training, there is only a little chance you succeed with the practice. With all the practices you perform, you link body and mind stronger and get at the steers of the body-mind ship, become accountable and become in control. To be in control of yourself is to be able to manage your senses in all the ways possible – engage them fully into something, or withdraw them totally. Both are signs of control.

Unmanaged senses hijack your attention and govern desires and emotions, redirecting focus to getting instant gratification without much thought of long-term repercussion. You get led by a sense of taste when you get food craving and overindulge in food. You get led by a sense of smell when pheromones arise your desires at inappropriate moments. Sense of vision and hearing tricks us into picking up the phone the moment Tik-Toc notification arrives. You stop doing whatever you are to succumb to your senses when they are unmanaged.