Re-learning old ways


Breathing is an autonomous process, but we can control it to some extent. This is very good news because it means that you can learn how to breathe correctly again! Most of the times, subconscious will take over this process and run it based on old patterns and developed habits, changing of which would require a bit of conscious work. In the end, how do you want to change the way you breathe after you do it differently for a few times if you have been building the current ways of breathing for years!  

Consistent pranayama practice helps to change the breathing habits, and achieve many more other effects, even though you do not practice it non-stop. If you like, you may want to do pranayama twice a day to intensify its beneficial effects. It could set you ready for the day in the morning and soothe your mind before you go to sleep at night. Different pranayamas will have a different effect on you. 

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