The saddest excuse with which people justify their cuts on relaxation is that they don’t have time. However, it’s not time that is the problem, it is the priorities. You value yourself less than others because you choose to do work for someone else longer than to take time to care properly about yourself. Without self-love, self-care, and compassion you only use up your body faster and won’t be helpful to anyone anymore.

When you increase your body awareness, you start understanding the importance of restoration on the physical level – you can read the sensations, pain, and fatigue as communication to you that it’s time to rest.

People often choose to spend time watching Netflix or YouTube videos as a means of relax. Or they plan so many things to do on weekends which they see as “relaxing” that eventually they only add up to their stress level.

To truly relax your body and mind is to give them a break. For example, a slow, mindful walk in nature may be very restorative for the mind and will give the body some movement.

Body massage feels nice to your muscles and creates pleasure to your mind.

Active relax in these two examples is the primary activity, you do nothing else except for restoration and enjoyment. Whereas watching TV shows only provides stimulation for you. Your mind becomes more active processing all the information and your emotions which arise at the same time cause muscle tension.

Are you really relaxing?  

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