Novel coronavirus could be airborne disease for a few hours after an infected person sneezes or coughs. This means that particles of the virus circulate in the air and get into your system through nose, lungs and eyes. The virus concentration in the air depends on the number and concentration of infected people in the area. But virus doesn’t stay in the air forever – it lands after some time on a surface area, where it can stay for as long as 9 days.

how to protect yourself from coronavirus

To protect yourself in the areas with high virus concentration in the air, use personal protective equipment to restrict the infected air from entering your mouth, nose and eyes.

Use air-filtering face mask and glasses to obstruct virus landing in your eyes.

Make sure you wash your clothes often after returning from the outside and spray disinfectant liquid on surfaces which can’t be washed (purses, bags, etc.).

Wash your hands often, especially when you are outside. Even though virus won’t infect you through your skin, try avoiding touching too many surfaces unnecessarily. You also won’t get infected by shaking hands with a person who has the virus. Why then should you bother with frequent hand washing? Read on…

As the virus stands on the surface areas, it can also stay on your hands. Because people often use hands to touch mouth, nose or even eyes, virus can easily get from the hands inside the body. Wash your hands frequently!

Pay special attention to disinfection of frequently used items. If you touch your phone with hands which virus managed to jump on already, some of it will stay on the phone. Same applies for credit cards and keyboards, which all should be periodically disinfected.

The last but not least, avoid all unnecessary gatherings and crowded places. Even if you are not afraid of the virus, because you are sure you will fight it just nice – be responsible. You may fight the coronavirus well, but you may also pass it on to someone who won’t manage to deal with it so effectively.

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