Preparing for the practice

When you practice pranayama, you should always pay attention to advice preparing for the practice. Pranayama should be practiced on an empty stomach, after emptying the bladder. It should be avoided when you are sick unless you do a simple breath awareness or abdominal breathing.

The practice you will learn in the next lesson is called Nadi Shodhana and it means channel purification. It is the first formal practice which beginners get introduced to. This pranayama balances two sides of the brain and acts very soothing for the mind. It is best performed after asanas and before meditation, or in the evening before sleep. 

Nadi Shodhana is also called alternate nostril breathing. If you have never done this practice before, you may want to practice warming up exercise daily for a week before you adopt a more advanced method. With this, you start the next lesson with the first two stages of preparatory practice, and in the following 3 Mindfulness courses, you will progressively take your practice to the next levels. Practice this pranayama daily to prepare for the advancement; otherwise, you may encounter difficulties breathing.

Schedule 5 to 10 minutes for 5 evenings in a week for the next few weeks in your calendar for the practice. You can practice Nadi Shodhana before meditation, which you will get introduced to in the next Mindfulness course in series.

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